❤ Restaurateurs with a passion ❤

Osteria Due Cuori opened in 2009 and is a family business run by three siblings who all have varied career backgrounds and, for this reason, their skills make up for each other’s differences.
Anna Maria has a background in architecture, Franco was involved in the world of fashion and Rossana worked in the tourism sector. Together, in the historical heart of Biella, they opened Biella Piazzo in 2001, the first concept store in Italy, and today they are fully dedicated to the Osteria Due Cuori, the pride of Biella’s gastronomy.


❤ Healthy, appetising local cuisine ❤

Osteria Due Cuori is included in the Italian Slow Food Osterias guide.
The basic ingredients we use to create our dishes are mainly locally sourced and seasonal, epitomized in the three words: GOOD, CLEAN, RIGHT. We are also part of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance network, that is to say, normally in our dishes there are Slow Food-approved ingredients, such as raw milk butter from Rosso Baietto’s dairy farm.
We are also present in the Gatti - Massobrio guidebook which confirms the genuineness of our dishes. In the Touring Club guide, we are mentioned by the Academy of Italian Cuisine, we are present in the Torino Maxima guide and also in the Bell′Italia guide, honouring our daily commitment to respecting quality ingredients and how they are used. We pay special attention to cooking methods, preferring low temperature vacuum-packed and steam cooking. We are known for the excellence of the meat we serve that always comes from small, eco-friendly supply chains that respect animal rights. In our family there is a tradition linked to quality meat because our grandfather and our father were both excellent butchers.
First Course Dishes
Main Course of Meat and Fish Dishes


❤ formerly Zucchi and Furno ❤

Since 1859, we have been the proud owners of Antica Premiata Fabbrica, formerly Zucchi & Furno, a brand closely linked to the location of the Osteria Due Cuori.
This brand has been producing the local torcetti butter biscuits since 1859. Torcetti are still produced by us according to an age-old recipe, as well as polenta donuts, referring to the traditional biscuit with a hole.
We are also working on a range of Due Cuori products in jars as well as wines and desserts, allowing you to savour the flavours of our cuisine in the comfort of your home.


What differentiates Osteria Due Cuori from the other local establishments is our made-to-order cucina espressa, Each of our dishes is freshly prepared and nothing on our menu contains preservatives, nor comes pre-prepared. We offer a limited menu consisting of five starters, five first courses, five main courses and five desserts that vary monthly. We also cater for vegetarian, gluten-intolerant and vegan customers.
Proud of the quality, service and the homely atmosphere at Osteria Due Cuori, we welcome everyone here, and that goes for your pets, too.


Osteria Due Cuori

Piazza Cisterna 11
13900 BIELLA (BI)
Tel: 01530145
Email: osteriaduecuori@gmail.com